14 cages
11 000 tonnes
13 cages
11 000 tonnes
16 cages
6 000 tonnes
Bolshoy Berezov
15 cages
6 000 tonnes
Chervyanoe Ozerko 2
14 cages
11 000 tonnes
Zelenetskaya Zapadnya
14 cages
11 000 tonnes
Kil'din Zapadniy
13 cages
11 000 tonnes
9 cages
5 000 tonnes
is a land of freezing climate and pristine ecosystem.
Geographically the Arctic spans from the Polar Circle up to the North Pole.
regulate the planet’s climate. Ice and snow reflect sun energy and keep the Earth from overheating. 
is the most beautiful natural phenomenon seen only in the Arctic.
wildlife is truly unique. Rare species of animals live here in the midst of the stern polar environment.
We appreciate and cherish purity and beauty of the Arctic.
Superior quality and freshness are key advantages of INARCTICA. They largely stem from the untouched ecology of the region.
INARCTICA always follows strict environmental standards to maintain the wildlife of the region and minimise the man’s impact on the Arctic’s ecosystem.

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